Blind Contour Landscape Drawing Exercise

If perfectionism is the antithesis of creativity then what can help us access more creative ideas?

One answer is to approach art making with a sense of experimentation.

Yesterday, I felt overwhelmed with ideas that I didn’t know where to start. Then I realized that I needed to create an experiment that would help me to immerse myself in the process and not the result. I asked myself, “What would happen if you drew the landscape without looking at it?”

Then I did this blind contour landscape drawing exercise:

  1. Sit near a window
  2. Have colors at hand and paper in front of you
  3. Pick colors without looking at them – this helps to find new color combinations you might not have thought of
  4. Look outside your window and start moving your pencil
  5. Feel your paper with your hands, moving your pencil with your eyes along the landscape
  6. Notice the shapes, textures, and forms
  7. Notice how uncomfortable it feels not to look at your paper
  8. Practice observing
  9. Draw slower, moving your pencil with your eyes
  10. Make light marks and hard marks
  11. Remember how good it feels to make marks on a paper