Sketching And Walking With Juniper

My biggest source of creative inspiration is this artist I know who lives with me, my daughter Juniper. Yesterday, we walked around outside in the slightly windy afternoon and made drawings in our sketchbooks. In the past I have taken many photos of her with my phone because she’s my kid and makes the best drawing reference for my picture books. But lately on our walks, I have been taking my sketchbook (and leaving my phone behind).

While sitting on dirt or grass, under trees, I will start to draw Juniper while she is poking something with a stick, drawing, or hopping from rock to rock. Since she is four years old, she moves very fast. This forces me to do two things: pay attention and observe her body and posture, and draw quickly.

I am always amazed by how sketching and walking can be one of the simplest ways to excavate creative ideas.